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Betrayed - The Clergy Killer's DNA DVD
Betrayed - The Clergy Killer's DNA DVD
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Approx. Running Time - 90 minutes.
Feature: 100110
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Rating Reverend
  We recently held a seminar on building healthy churches and clergy (Nexus Leadership Group), and addressed this issue. Clergy came from many states and were at all stages of their ministry. As one of the clergy in the film, I wanted to publically thank USFilms for their work: no sound-bites or anything taken out of context. Thank you for giving us an instrument that can help us address this issue so that more churches can find their way back to becoming the body of Christ.
  Reviewed by:  Beverly from Georgia. on 9/20/2013
Rating This is happening!
  I am in a congregation where this is happening in our church right now. We have a wonderful Pastor, but I see the evil within people that want to oust a Pastor so badly for their own sake of power, that they will do anything to make it happen. I have witness these things and it's ugly. This movie is right on. The Pastor gets no help from their own district superintendent or bishop. If fact they side with the ones who are making the pastors life miserable. It's disgusting and wrong and needs to be exposed. This movie hits the nail on the head in every aspect. We have been passing it around the congregation and I think it has opened a lot of eyes. Wonderfully done movie. I hope you continue to expose truths that no one wants to see!
  Reviewed by:  Jodi from Iowa, USA . on 7/26/2013
Rating Review
  Heard about this DVD, had to see it. Now I understand what has been going on in my congregation, will show my staff and make a plan. All clergy must see this.
  Reviewed by:  Rev. Robert from Iowa. on 9/26/2012
Rating A Must See
  Finally, a necessary and well done film. A must see for all ministers.
  Reviewed by:  Rev. David Banks from Ontario, Canada. on 9/26/2012
Rating Incredibly informative
  Wonderful and Incredibly informative. This is a must see for pastors and anyone who is a clergy member. I will be sharing this with others.
  Reviewed by:  Robert from Virginia. on 9/19/2012